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About Waterarchitect van Bueren

Waterarchitect creates DeltaDesign as solution for the 21st century challenges, which are climate adaptation; urbanization and reuse of resources. Our skills are embodied in the Dutch heritage of deltatechnology, eco-awareness and real Dutch architecture. Our projects range from modern floating homes up to integrated solutions for a whole delta-area. With our personal approach we build-up lasting relations with our clients, built upon trust, quality and a clear solution for your requirements. 


Waterarchitect is a multi-disciplinary collective of professionals. Its founder, Bart van Bueren specializes in DeltaDesign since 2005 and immediately got recognition as architect of the floating city (2006). Not much later municipality of Rotterdam embodied his climate adaptation vision in the cities’ strategy of harbor redevelopment. His vision got exhibited at the WorldExpo2010 Shanghai and resulted in the famous Floating Pavilion of Rotterdam. Al Gore himself made the soap bubble design from Van Bueren an icon for climate adaptation. 


By now, the collective of Waterarchitect got nominated and won a dozen competitions. Waterarchitect's vision gets presented worldwide, followed by numerous publications. In collaboration with WaterWonen-rotterdam we are developed floating buildings in the Netherlands. With our ongoing research for flood resilient urbanization, we successfully patented in 2011 a low cost floating foundation enabling a businesscase for floating development. 

Bart van Bueren aims to be visionary on architecture, engineering, sustainability and entrepreneurship. As founder, Van Bueren successfully launched Deltasync, Waterarchitect and the Dutch Design Post. His skills came clear when his graduation project turned into a building commission for an 1100m2 floating pavilion executed by DeltaSync. It became internationally known as icon of climate adaptation. He continued excelling with a dozen awards (Deltacompetition'06, Young Technical Professional'08, South-Holland Prize'09, DeltaWaterAward'12, etc), he acquired 30+ projects and presented his visions on five continents. From 2007 to 2012 he worked in the Netherlands; from 2012 to 2019 in Taiwan, based at NCKU; from 2019 and onwards in Australia based at RMIT.



Bart van Bueren's Resume.

Bart van Bueren's 10-page Portfolio.

“ We do DeltaDesign,

from Houseboat to urban climate adaptation "  

Waterarchitect van Bueren

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